Guitar and Lap Steel - Building and Repair
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Anything from simple action/intonation to full setups.


From fret dressing, rewiring etc... to one off scratchplates or routing for new pickups.


Have an instrument in mind that you can't buy? Get in touch.



From one-off tenor guitars, amplifier cabinets and lap steel builds to some examples of the repair/modification work I undertake.



If you're in the Newbury, Berkshire area and you're in need of just a simple set up, a rewire, re-fret, new nut, repair, modifications or over the top customisations on your guitar... I may just be your man. For some reason from an early age I had an ear (and an eye!) for vintage gear, from Moogs, Rhodes and Hammonds to Supros, Gibsons and Matamps and all points inbetween. Never being afraid of gigging vintage rarities it put me in the unenviable position of having to work twice as hard just to keep things in playing condition... not realising though at the time of how much knowledge was being gained! 

Over 25 years of experience building, fettling, repairing and modifying electric stringed instruments in the never ending search of better playability and tone. 


Full set up (electric/bass/acoustic) - £45 plus strings

Full set up (electric locking trem) - £55 plus strings

Fret level/dress - £50 

New nut (bone, made) - £40

New saddle, acoustic - £40

Re-fret including set up (maple and rosewood) - £200 plus strings

Re-fret including set up (bound fingerboard) - £230 plus strings

Solid body pickup fitting - £25

Hollowbody pickup fitting - £35

Piezo fitting - from £65

Wiring/electronics per hour - £30

Pickup routing - £30

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if something you require isn't listed.



Please feel free to message me via this form, direct through M. Silk's Guitar Works Facebook page (click on link below) or the email below about any queries you may have, I'd be happy to talk through them with you. 

My workshop is located in Crookham, not far from Thatcham football club if you're in the area!

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